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Featured Services

We brings together proficiency, creative zest and experience to offer unique and responsive web design solutions which will be an effective bridge between you & your customers.
Our rich experience on consulting side and understanding of business processes allows us to develop customized web applications best suited for your businesses, there by ensuring the most relevant product.
Our experienced team can assist you in manage your database in an effective way. Our frame work will allow you to define, retrieve, manupulate and analyse data effectively and view it in a an organised way.
We assist our clients to review their current hosting environment and migration. Our website maintenance service includes incorporating design changes, development, and other needs that your website may require.

Our astute talent management skills and collaborative approach allows us to manage IT teams working on client projects with greater agility and client focus. In the past we hae managed projects both on client sites or from our own shed.

It is evident that the demand of mobile apps has gone up many folds in all businesses. Our IT team is technically qualified to develop and implement highly customised mobile based business processes as per your needs.

Mavericks at work

A team of experienced & capable IT engineers always ready to uphold our promise to serve you.
A strong and competent Project Management team ever ready to understand, conceptualize & execute your solutions.


A cumulative experience of over 15 years in creative web designs, database administration, product development, project management and service delivery.

The core to our service delivery understands our customer’s needs and business. Our actions are focused arround delivering a product which complements the business.

Focused Approach

User Experience

Our experience will make a world of differnce to your website / application design.

  • # User objectives
  • # Cross browser/ device compatibility
  • # Relevant content & authentic design

Quality & Security

Safety of your content is our top priority and Quality is the corner stone of what we do.

  • # Stringent quality standards
  • # Secure Hosting places
  • # 24/7 support and reduced downtime

Pro-active Engagement

We envisage a role of an IT partner who can assit our customers in making informed IT decisions.

  • # Setting right expectations.
  • # Understanding Customer Perspective./li>
  • # Impact on Customer business.

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