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Business Analytics


Discover and execute the science of data driven decision making into your business.

Understand your custmers better

Drive performance & Revenue

Improve Operational efficiency

Identify and monitor trends

More informed decision making

De-risk your business model


Every organisation across the world uses performance measures such as market share, profitability, sales growth, ROI and so on f or quantifying, monitoring and improving performance. These are conventional ways of using available data to measure the organisational health.

Frankpro can assist you in developing and deployment of framework for data-driven decision making, problem solving and innovation. Our expertese in developing complex mathematical and statastical algorithms blended with data visualisation and application development tools will help your co to manage various aspects of your business.

Some of verticals, we can effectively intervene are listed below:



Supply Chain Analytics : Inventory management, procurement, vendor selection, distribution management

Quality & Process Improvement : Product quality, Manufacturing quality, process improvement

Revenue & Cost Management : Revenue maximisation vs cost minimazation

Waranty Analysis : Manage end custmer warranty and after sales support



Assortment Planning : Category & SKU Management that will fully maximize the revenue and improve loyalty

Promotion Planning : Forecast demand at SKU level for managing supply chain

Demand Forecasting : Revenue maximisation vs cost minimazation

Market Basket Analysis : Association among SKUs in customer purchase

Custmer Segmentation : Identify the custmer segmentation for target marketing.



Clinical Care : Data related to clinical care and treatment required for improving quality of care

Hospital related Analysis : Analyse data related to registration process, housekeeping, nursing, utility, diagnosis etc.



Demand Forecasting : Forecast demand for services (to manage resources)

NPS Optimisation : Net Promoter score is an important measure of organisational performance

Service Quality Analysis : Analyse quality for benchmarking and improvement

Business Analytics Framework - Our process

At FrankPro, developing and deployment of a robust framework for any business analytics / machine learning project includes 5 integrated stages.

These STAGES are listed below:

Business Analytics - Science of Data-driven Decision making

Business analutics is a set of statastical and operational research techniques, artificial intelligence, information technology and management strategies used for framing a business problem, collecting data and analysing the data to create value to the organisation

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Business Analtics Solutions!!

In GOD, you must trust. For everything else, depend on drcisions based on data and analytics..

Case Studies

180 DAYS

Inventory Management Optimization

Create a Optimzation model to maintain a average inventory holding across 3 warehouses based on past consumption patterns, logistics cost and future growth requirements using advance mathematical techniques.

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Organized Recruitement management.

Assist mid size organization to create a robust online recruitment management process based on scientific and psychometric analysis. It would also help the HR team to organize their CV database and manage interview schedules.

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300 DAYS

Resort Management System

Design and develop a completely customized (from the scratch) resort management system (with front-end website) which allows them to independently manage bookings, picnics, pricing, discounting, taxation, invoicing and much more..

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